Neumagener Wineship
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The Wineship

One of the most significant relics of the Mosel Valley's ancient past is the Neumagen Wineship, once the grave memorial to a wealthy Roman wine trader dating from ca. 205 AD. The ship is, next to Trier's Porta Nigra, not only one of the best known symbols of the valley's Roman past, but is also the basis of the villages's claim to be ältester Weinort Deutschlands i.e. the oldest wine town in Germany. The Wineship was found in the village during an excavation of the former Roman fort, Noviomagus, in the late 19th Century. It's to be stressed that what was found at that time was a stone monument, and not a wooden ship. Sadly, many a misinformed tourist has left the village with a hot shot of a somewhat dilapidated old Nacken, i.e. fishing boat, which for many years has added a touch of floral decoration to the riverside.

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These days, the original is to be found in the Rheinische Landesmuseum in Trier. A replica can be seen next to the Chapel of St. Peter on the main street, Römerstraße.

MMVII - annus mirabilis

Work is progressing on a modern-day reconstruction of the Wineship, and if all goes according to plan the ship will complete her maiden voyage during September 2007, before being berthed in a specially built harbour on the riverside in Neumagen-Dhron.

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